How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

A common question among hemorrhoid sufferers is, how long do hemorrhoids last? This is a question that everyone is most likely have on their minds after discovering they suffer from hemorrhoids due to the pain, annoyance, discomfort and even embarrassment often associated with this condition. They are a common occurrence and it is believed that hemorrhoid problems are likely to affect 40 percent of the adult population during their lifetime to some degree. However, the extent to which each individual experiences them varies from person to person so it is safe to say that the answer is different for everyone.

Understanding what a hemorrhoid is and being aware of the factors that can influence the development of hemorrhoids can not only help to deter the development of hemorrhoids but also provide an answer to the question, how long do hemorrhoids last? A hemorrhoid is basically a swelling that occurs in or around the rectum or anus and is caused by an enlargement of the superficial veins. A hemorrhoid will occasionally become prolapsed, or begin to protrude from the anus and majority of discomfort is caused by strangulation. In order to relieve the pain, it must be replaced back from where it came. Some of the other common indications of having a hemorrhoid are blood, typically noticed on toilet paper or clothing, painful constipation and or itching.

Diet can have a rather major effect on a person who suffers from hemorrhoids. Eating the wrong types of foods can result in hard stools, digestive problems and constipation which in turn typically induce straining thus causing hemorrhoids. An inactive lifestyle, excessive sitting or standing can cause pressure that can lead to hemorrhoids. Pregnancy and obesity are also known to contribute significantly towards getting hemorrhoids. Seeking medical attention at the very onset of hemorrhoids can do much in the way of expediting the healing process. There are many over the counter treatments that are very effective and are always the first recommended treatments and only when these treatments have been fully exhausted and have failed is surgery ever considered as the last resort.

So, if you find yourself wondering, how long do hemorrhoids last, the simplest way to find an answer to that question is to cultivate adequate knowledge and understanding of hemorrhoids, its causes and the treatments and its relation to one’s lifestyle and incorporate it not only for getting rid of hemorrhoids but also for preventing their occurrence.